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Sermon Title: Thank You
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 4-23-16
Psalms 126:1-6 (approx. 48 min.)

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Sermon Title: The Rock
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 4-16-16
Luke 6:46 - 49 (approx. 46 min.)

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Sermon Title: Genuine Acceptance
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 4-09-16
Romans 14:1 - 15:7 (approx. 46 min.)

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Sermon Title: The Biblical History of the Sabbath
By: Richard Roche
Date: 4-02-16
(approx. 43 min.)

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Sermon Title: Patched Lives
By: Martin Cicero
Date: 3-26-16
Luke 5: 33-39 (approx. 39 min.)

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And they are recorded digitally for better clarity in the delivery with out annoying background noise.

bible sermonsAfter forty-five years in the ministry (ordained at age 30 in 1965) and more than sixty-five years in the study of the Word of God, Elder David Kauer discovered new understanding and shared these discoveries with Sacramento, CA believers who attend the Las Cruces Ave. church each Sabbath. Pastor Kauer valued his heritage in the Church of God (Seventh Day) as a third generation minister, which began with mentoring from his father, Elder S. J. Kauer who served in many leadership positions including: Editor of the Bible Advocate 1935-1940; the founding Principle of Spring Vale Academy; concluding as Director of Midwest Bible College for approximately sixteen years until the Ministerial training of the church was moved to Denver, Colorado.

Sadly, in August 2013, Elder David Kauer passed away. Now, Brothers Manuel Adame, Richard Roche, Alan Douma, and others, continue in his absence using this current technology, digitally recording the weekly Sabbath sermons, and making them available on line through our Web Site to share with seeking believers across our nation and around the world. The Lord, Jesus Christ, commanded His Disciples to go to all nations making disciples…teaching them to observe all that He commanded…! Now the implementation of that directive is greatly expanded, and we Praise the Lord!


Church of GodWe invite anyone to come and experience for themselves by joining in with our fellowship and worship each Sabbath (Saturday).

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